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TES Valida Paraffin Embedding Center

The Paraffin Embedding Center TES Valida consists of high quality material and modern technology within the individual units. According to the well-known and popular principal, the TES Valida combines a thermal, dispenser und cooling unit to one working station that supports laboratories in regards of performance, flexibility and efficiency.

The operating elements are easy-to-reach and use. Debris, residues and other impurities can easily be cleaned off to keep the work place sanitarily impeccable at all times. Additionally, each unit features a timer function for individual configuration.


Key Product Features

  • Combining three steps to one working station

  • Independent operating units for heating, dispensing and cooling

  • Individual weekly timer function for every unit

  • Large paraffin tank with 4.5 liters volume

  • Including heat spots for forceps, peltier element, adjustable cold light lamp and foot switsch

  • Perfected optical and ergonomical design

  • Easy handling according to the established laboratory routine

TES 99 Paraffin Embedding Center

The Paraffin Embedding System TES 99 consists of three different units for heating, cooling and embedding of tissue in paraffin. All three units are made of high quality material that is easy to clean, ergonomic and optically appealing. Together, they form a modern workstation for efficiently performing the process of paraffin embedding. With the units operating independtly from one anther, they can be combined according to the individual needs of each laboratory. Individual settings, such as temperatures or timers, are done with a soft key controller on each unit’s front.


Key Product Features

  • Smart combination of different units to one efficient workstation

  • Indepently operating cooling, dispensing and thermal units

  • Solid, easy to clean surfaces

  • Different models of the cooling unit available

  • Paraffin tank with a volume of 3.5 liters

  • Including heat spots for forceps, peltier point and cold-light lamp

  • Ergonomic design

  • Easy handling according to the established concept


Trimodular Embedding Center TEC 2900

TEC 2900 Trimodular Embedding Center incorporates three separate components in sturdy structure and a new compact and ergonomic design:

Main Console (paraffin dispenser), Cryo Console (cold plate for cooling blocks), Thermal Console (Thermal plate stationary samples).


Key Product Features

  • The flexibility of the 3 modules allows the positioning of the Cryo console and the Thermal console both on the right or the left of the dispensing unit, according to the operator's preference.

  • In the Main Console, the functions can be changed through the front control panel for easy management and temperature control is conducted by electronic thermostat with microprocessor.

  • You can also view and edit different temperatures than the tank containing the paraffin tray cassettes and the work plan.

  • Two large trays (1.4 liters) placed on the Main console allow the housing of standard and macro casette as well as base molds.

  • Equipped with a lighting system to LED cold light enables optimal illumination and removable magnifying glass.

  • Paraffin dispensing is possible both by manual control, by inserting the cassette, or with footswitch.

  • Start command for instant paraffin melting.

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