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Tissue Processing Center TPC 15 Duo/Trio

Closed linear Tissue Processing System with 15 stations for rapid dual (TPC 15 Duo) or triple (TPC 15 Trio) sample processing. The most cost-effective answer for the tissue processing needs of ever histology laboratory. Parallel processing of two (TPC 15 Duo) or three (TPC 15 Trio) different embedding programs or fast biopsies in less than one hour makes the system indispensable to all lab professionals who need immediate results.


Key Product Features

  • Parallel processing of two (TPC 15 Duo) or three (TPC 15 Trio) different programs / fast biopsies in less than one hour

  • Up to 660 cassettes capacity

  • Reliable technology at a good price

  • Prevent the carry-over of solvents for optimized results and low usage

  • Product specificatios

Technical Data

– TPC 15 Duo: 2 x approx. 220 cassettes
– TPC 15 Trio: 3 x approx. 220 cassettes

Bath contents: approx. 2.3 l

Operation: Immersion time can be chosen

Programming: parameters are adjustable for every station
18 processing programs can be stored
(15 + 3 basket cleaning programs)

Immersion time: 5 min. up to 10 h

Temperature: +30° C to +70° C paraffin
+30° C to 50° C reagents

Free choice of vacuum and pressure during the program run

Safety: emergency power supply in case of power failure, fume exttraction with charcoal filter for the adsorption of solvent fumes and connection to an exhaust facility, each station closed by a lid

Dimensions (W / D / H): 1,290 x 715 x 730 mm

Weight: 140 kg

Power supply: 115-230 V / 50/60 Hz / 950 VA

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