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Combination TCA 44-720 Slide Stainer and Coverslipper


Key Product Features


  • Full walk-away lab automation from staining to the finished slides

  • Trendsetting and long-known experienced technology by combination of the TST 44 C with the new ACS 720 automated glass coverslipper

  • Maximum flexibility with up to 12 parallel running staining programs

  • Modular space saving design

  • The worldwide fastest glass coverslipper currently in the market with a throughput of up to 600 slides an hour

Great variety of models

The high performing continuous slide stainer TST 44 C merges flexibility with high speeds for optimal efficiency in routine stains. The following models are available in our range:

TST 44.000 C: with transfer station
TST 44.200 C: with drying chamber and transfer station
TST 44.000 C Kit: with modification kit for transfer station
TST 44.200 C Kit: with drying chamber and modification kit for transfer station

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