Combination TCA 44-720 Slide Stainer and Coverslipper


Key Product Features


  • Full walk-away lab automation from staining to the finished slides

  • Trendsetting and long-known experienced technology by combination of the TST 44 C with the new ACS 720 automated glass coverslipper

  • Maximum flexibility with up to 12 parallel running staining programs

  • Modular space saving design

  • The worldwide fastest glass coverslipper currently in the market with a throughput of up to 600 slides an hour

Great variety of models

The high performing continuous slide stainer TST 44 C merges flexibility with high speeds for optimal efficiency in routine stains. The following models are available in our range:

TST 44.000 C: with transfer station
TST 44.200 C: with drying chamber and transfer station
TST 44.000 C Kit: with modification kit for transfer station
TST 44.200 C Kit: with drying chamber and modification kit for transfer station


Workstation Slide Stainers & Coverslippers

Workstation Slide Stainers & Coverslippers to perform the simultaneous process of 11 H/E staining protocols, cytology and special staining, allows continuous loading and unloading of slides without interrupting the staining cycle up to 360 slides per hour.
Designed for pathological anatomy in routine Hematoxylin / Eosin staining or PAP cytology and research